One of the most refined and pleasant living areas in Marbella, Guadalmina.

Characterised by magnificent villas and fresh, palm shaded streets, this is the place to go if you feel you deserve to indulge in yourself, which you do!

Guadalmina is split in two, do we hear a Romeo and Juliet reference, Guadalmina Alta and Guadalmina Baja. Guadalmina Alta sits on a mountainside towards the north, with Guadalmina Baja resting by the sea. This area is real estate heaven, with refined houses and idyllic residential zones, not to mention the fresh and green golf courses.

Not surprisingly, Guadalmina is much favoured by those who love the game, and its two full courses, designated North and South, dominate the landscape in the style of an extensive and beautifully manicured parkland.

Not to be missed: The amazing villas, Guadalmina Hotel, the golf courses. 

Fun Fact: Guadalmina first beguiled visitors from the Basque country in Spain’s high north. Indeed, it was back in 1933 that Basque businessman Norberto Goizueta surveyed the lush level coastline of Guadalmina from his yacht