Simple and unpretentious, Manilva is Spain at its heart. 

Manilva, a small village next to the sea. It sits in a prime location on the coast, and there is a refreshing lack of grey skyscrapers! Simple and unpretentious, Manilva is Spain at its heart. 

Good food and even better red wine await you at the beachside local restaurants, filled with locals chatting about their day, it’s hard not to feel at home. 

In Autumn it is possible to buy grapes or raisins by the roadside, on any day you can also stop at the bend coming up to the village and by some of the best fresh vegetables in the area from the local farmers, look for the sign ‘Verduras Pascual’. 

Not to be missed: The fishing village Sabinillas, Puerto Duquesa, Roman sulphur baths.

Fun Fact: In the 16th century the towns of Malaga, Marbella and Ronda were concerned that the coastline to the south of them was unprotected so they offered free land to poorer peasants in the north of Spain. There had to be a catch, indeed there was. Their area was still subject to raids from Moorish and Turkish pirates. To give the new arrivals a fighting chance of surviving a village was sited on a small hill 3km inland.